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It has never been easier.
Easy and fast check-in

Document recognition

Identification and interpretation of document details through advanced OCR.

Using the OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition), that reads most worldwide identification documents, data can be extrapolated and converted into text.

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Digital signing

Include your guests signature into the profile, keeping things together, avoiding snippets, copies and paper.

With the Wacom technology the biometric signature can be acquired during the check-in and shown in the Registration Card, eliminating the need for paper.

Official integrations

Send directly to your PMS/CRM or PassportScans' interface.

Working with the PMS manufacturer, full integration (via xml file or WebServices) or interface can be provided. PassportScan and DFF are compatible with the majority of PMS worldwide. Also many in-house system can already be addressed without prior configuration.

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Ensure the data security

Data-transmission to Police and authorities

Send data and lists to the police and local authorities directly in the PassportScan interface.

This module allows to create a file in compliance with the specific requirements of the local legislation. The document is forwarded electronically to the Police/Authorities, using webportal.

Service Availability

Currently available in Italy, Spain, Morocco and Portugal.
The system is, however, easily adaptable to other countries.

AVE - Address Validation Engine

The Address Validation Engine uses the Google® API to validate and change the address entries.

This technology allows to complete and automatically correct the address data, acquired by OCR.

Encrypted SQL / MySQL database

Protect all your data through advanced encryption (Blowfish +) in one shared or local-only database.

All sensitive data (customer data, document images and biometric signature) are saved in a database MySQL Oracle and protected by a 'BlowFish' encryption at 256-BIT.


Available is the Autopurge option, that deletes the data after 24 hours, in line with international policies.

Take a leap in quality and elegance
Data storage & Data Export Types

Storage & Multi-Property

  • Store all received data plus signature, company details, business cards and additional scans e.g. visa.
  • Data can be stored in a Client Server Database (MySQL). Data can be placed on a local server, on a dedicated server located at the chain headquarters or in the Cloud (Amazon-Microsoft). In this way data can be available on all the properties of the chain.
  • Multi-Property Configuration - Plugin
  • The Multi-Property module allows Passportscan® to manage multiple properties. Data access levels can be configured through the User Profile.
  • Store additional scan e.g Visa and secondary pages.

Data import from files, booking-websites, PMS and more.

  • If you use many different sources for your in-house system, PassportScan offers several methods to import just about everything.
  • Arrivals or groups lists can be imported in the most popular formats (csv, txt, xls, xml, dbf, etc.), optimizing the check-in procedure. Also see the videotutorial for how to import from different applications and websites.

Dynamic Export

  • Export different data, details and lists for the usage in other applications.
  • The acquired customer data can be exported dynamically in the most popular formats, e.g. CSV, TXT, XML.
  • Choose the fields to export, select image formats and more.
There is still more!


Display PDF documents, e.g. confirmations and billings, as well as customized maps on a tablet.
Via virtual printer, created by PassportScan®, PDF maps and documents can be viewed on the Wacom tablet and signed digitally, without any need to print on paper.

Customized Maps

Customize maps in PassportScan, print them or show them on a tablet.
With the integration with Google Maps, the operator can add useful information on the map for its guests. The customized map will be displayed on the Wacom tablet and printed on paper, when needed.

Statistics and Prints

Create different types of statistics for different departments.
Available are various types of statistics and prints, e.g arrivals, departures, rules, privacy, etc.

Worldwide ID documents recognition & compatibility with many devices


Passports, Identity Cards, Driving Licenses and more.

Support for all passports/countries using the ICAO 9303 standard, driving licenses, DVLA and many more. PassportScan also recognizes the MRZ - Machine Readable Zone of all standard VISA, if not covered by stamps. PassportScan supports identification documents, licenses and official certificates of more than 100 different countries. This list is constantly growing and updated.

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