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  Scan to PMS

Capture guests' ID for immediate integration into your PMS (Property Management System), CRM or database. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used to scan passports and other identification documents in seconds.

Typical Workflow »

  Registration Cards

Registration Cards are automatically generated after data‘s capture. They can be printed on paper, as the traditional way or digitally signed on the tablet.

Supported Systems »

  Customer profile

Create a complete customer profile combining:

  • Personal data
  • Privacy Management
  • Document images (back/front) with additional images, e.g. Visa
  • Registration card
  • Business and company details

  Stay safe !

Stay on the safe side with PassportScan:

  • Document verification via ultraviolet and infrared scans
  • Address validation engine (AVE)
  • Data-transmission to police or governmental institutions
  • Strong encrypted SQL database

Simplify the Check-In now
with PassportScan and DFF

Register your guests in seconds!

Scan guests' documents and transfer their data fast and error free to your Property Management System.

Starting with a mouseclick to scan your clients document, PassportScan reads your guests personal information, including the photograph. This data-set is then transferred to a graphical interface, where all entries can be reviewed or changed. Now with a second mouseclick the relevant data is sent to the guest profile.

Incredibly fast

Capture all relevant data in seconds instead of minutes. This results in a dramatic reduction of the check-in time and an increased traffic flow.


Reduce the chance of human error! Precise OCR and the integrated Address Validation Engine (AVE©) guarantee accurate client profiles.


All information is held in an encrypted database. Purging and visibility can be configured according to internal and external compliance rules.


Save money through scanned images, digital registration cards and e-invoices. Replace the paper documentation and reduce your Co2 footprint.

First impressions count!

Provide your guests with the fastest and most convenient check-in, allowing them to enjoy their stay immediately without delay.
An interactive guest-experience to build your brand.


Groups, Profiles, New and regular guests

Details of guests who have stayed before are easily retrieved in PassportScan. Without the need to rescan any document, their arrival is registered with one click and the check-in is even faster.

Profiling features
Convenient Service

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The workflow

Just scan a document, check its correctness and forward it. It could not be easier.

Scan any ID document

Support for all passports/countries using the ICAO 9303 standard, identity cards, driving licenses, resident permits, DVLA and much more. PassportScan also recognizes the MRZ - Machine Readable Zone - of all standard VISA.

Supported Documents
with just one click

Optional: Let your guests sign digitally

Using one of the supported signature tablets, your guests can sign their registration card electronically. The signature is added directly to their customer profile.

Supported hardware
on a tablet

Optional: Revise or edit the data

Manage all data inside the PassportScan interface. Validate names and dates, even the client's address through AVE©, the integrated Address Validation Engine.

AVE© uses the GoogleMaps© API.

if necessary

Send it all to your PMS   Videodemo

Data is immediately transferred into your in-house system, as required. PassportScan is also able to keep separate images of all scanned documents.
Say goodbye to photocopies.

Supported PMS / CRM
with a second click

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